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Need more living space in your home and don't want to move?

Extend the space in the attic with one or two dormer-windows! 

Our attic was more or less a multi purpose living and working room...
However it lacked windows, we needed more room and a separation between 'concurrent users'. So we decided to have two dormer-windows installed by a contractor: G. Klaassen B.V. Dakkapellen. We did all the finishing off ourselves, with a lot of help from our friends. For them, as well as other who might be interested in such a rewarding 'project I've assembled the following photo - impression. If you need more info, please feel free to contact us. And... yes, we were very satisfied with the work done by G. Klaassen B.V. Dakkapellen
Above: an impression of the attic before the project. Below: the action starts, pictures speak for themselves... 
The dormer-windows, on the side of the house facing the street, as well as at the back, were placed during two consecutive mornings! A extra window was placed in the roof too.

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