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Need more living space in your home and don't want to move?

Extend the space in the attic with one or two dormer-windows! 

After replacing the holes in the roof with a dormer-window construction our job started. We divided the great space, with windows now facing two sides, in three separate areas. A large sleeping room, facing the back-garden. Second, a small study (I work a lot at home) and third a portal, which houses washing machines etc. So, after carrying all the roof tiles down (they're heavy!) we carried all the plaster-blocks up (they're even heavier...) Total weight of the latter: 1.800 kg! After that: the door posts, doors, wood, cement and glass-tiles. Yes, we were to build a 'glass wall' too!   
After moving everything up, putting the material to use was the next challenge. By the way, if you're wondering where all the stuff stored in the attic has been moved to? Well, let's say that the interior in our living and bedrooms was disrupted for a few weeks...
Above: Jan places the profiles as a foundation for the plaster-blocks around the stairwell.

Below: Hans puts a doorpost in place.  

Above: While Paul concentrates on determining  the best setup for the glass bricks.

Below: assisted by Jan. 

Above: Carefully aligned - temporary - bars are placed to ensure all building is done from the same reference points.

Below:  the glass wall has to be water-level too!

While bars made of steel are inserted in the construction, Yorick lends a hand too! For those of you who wonder... yes, a glass wall looks great but building is time consuming. You can't complete more than three or four rows a day. The cement has to harden to prevent the wall from collapsing. 
Wooden bars are set up to fix the doorposts against.  The first plaster - bricks are put in place and the walls start growing!

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