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On this page we maintain a brief description and our impression of hiking trips in the Netherlands, initially based on the 'Wandelrouteboek' as published by the ANWB, we used some other resources later on as well


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Sunday 15 September 2019, Netelenburchpad, Baarn, Province Noord-Holland 5.5 km

Alongside the river Eem we hiked along a 'Klompenpad' (wooden shoe path) through the fields of farms. Part of the walk is on (quiet) tarmac roads but the real fun starts when you cross the fields alongside the cattle. Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots or  'Wellies' recommended although we were fortunate enough to complete this hike on a dry day with clear skies. Path is reasonably well maintained. The route is well marked but if you insist on a gps track; it can be downloaded HERE and more details (in Dutch) https://klompenpaden.nl/klompenpad/netelenburchpad/  Please note that the route is partially closed during the breeding season (15 March - 15 June).


Thursday (Ascension Day) 30 May 2019, Estate Gooilust, 's Graveland, Province Noord-Holland 3.3 km

In the area 'Gooi en Vechtstreek' there are many estates founded by wealthy merchants from Amsterdam. Various ones are now open to the public and well maintained by Natuurmonumenten. Gooilust is no exception, a rich and interesting history, erected and maintained in a typical English style which we admire so much. So, although the walk isn't a challenge; the beauty and variety of this estate are such that it deserves a place in our hiking gallery. Especially when the Rododendron, typically for these estates, are blooming (May). The route - when you need one - and additional information can be downloaded HERE.

As for the hike, you can easily extend it to 17km if you like... the 3.3 km on the estate are easy going but might be muddy in some places. Please note that parking on the drive is limited so you might want to pick an off-season or working day to visit the estate.   

Brummen Brummen

Sunday 21 April 2019, Brummen near Zutphen and Dieren, Province Gelderland, 9.5 km

There are a many hiking tracks available in this scenic area near the river IJssel and the largest naturereserve in The Netherlands; Veluwe. We decided to use the track of the local Red Cross as a bases and varied somewhat... Our version of the track is available for download HERE.

Varied scenery; cultured forest and typical agricultural landscapes...  easy going, bit too much tarmac for our taste (hence our detours) but the roads are pretty quiet so it's not a real issue. An exceptionally warm and bright  Easter-day with temperatures soaring up to 25 C! Starting point is near Café de Vroolijke Frans...
Brummen map

Noord Hollands Duinreservaat
Noord Hollands Duinreservaat

Noord Hollands Duinreservaat
Noord Hollands Duinreservaat

Early April 2019, Dutch coast and dunes near Castricum and Bakkum; Province North Holland, Three nice hikes 11.4, 10.6 and 7.1km

Again, no need for a GPS-track, lots of signposts and information-panels en route... Acquiring the local hiking and cycling map is recommended. It's for sale at the information centers, campsites etc.

Varied coastal scenery in this area, managed reserve by PWN, a Dutch producer of our freshwater supplies. Yes, as this area is privately managed you'll have to get a day-pass at one of the automated tellers. Easy going, lots of (semi)wildlife; birds in particular although this area - as everywhere in The Netherlands can be pretty crowded in the summer. Very popular with cyclists as well although they are limited to hard-surface tracks after 10:30 AM. More photographic impressions from this trip: Bakkum/Castricum 2019
Access card Noord Hollands Duinreservaat

Breeveen Leersum
Breveen Leersum
Breeveen Leersum
Breeveen Leersum

Sunday 17 February 2019, Breeveen near Leersum, Province Utrecht, 6.5 km

Again, no need for a GPS-track, lots of signposts en route... Very varied scenery; forest and moor...  easy going although you have to conquer some elevation...it's hilly terrain. Thus very popular for MTB's as well; but their routes are kept well apart from the footpaths... For those with an archeological interest, there are prehistory graves (barrows) on site as well as the mausoleum 'Tombe 'van Nellesteijn" (1818) and the 'Uilentoren' (1904) in Leersum   Courtesy of the 'Utrechts |Landschap'society...
Breeveen Leersum

Friday (Kingsday) 27 April 2018, Bornia Estate near Driebergen, Province Utrecht, 5.5 km

Simple navigation this time; simply start at the parking along the Traay in Driebergen and follow the blue markers.... Very varied scenery, well marked trail and easy going; no real rough patches... Courtesy of the 'Utrechts |Landschap'society...

Sunday 22 April 2018, Soestduinen, Province Utrecht, 7 km

Based on the idea in the book `Rondje wandelen in Nederland (incl. pick-nick recipes) we enjoyed a Sunday morning stroll in the forest and sand-dunes near Soestduinen.
Not marked as such (refer to the map picture or GPS-track available for download) but there are many trails to venture and the adjacent railway provides you with audible and visible bearings... Varied landscape, obviously some deep sands to province you with some real exercise despite the relatively short distance of the hike. Note that the trail provided takes you along various horse-riding trails but there are enough alternative paths available if that troubles you or your companions. 

You can download the GPS track HERE
Map Soestduinen


Saturday 24 March 2018, Deelerwoud, Deelen, Province Gelderland, 9 km

Late afternoon reconnaissance of the Deelerwoud trail in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Walking anti-clockwise the route takes you around a large open area (hey) close to Deelen AFB (helicopters only) and west of the famous airfield for gliders 'Terlet'. Well marked, easy going. Nice vieuws and you might even spot some deer. The only disadvantage is the proximity of the highway A50, especially with the wind blowing from the east. When looking at the last picture; yes, the winterstorms have taken their toll on a lot of places around the track but the trees are left like that on purpose for the diversity and health of the forest.

You can download the GPS track HERE
map Deelerwoudroute


Sunday, 6 August 2017, Oudhorsterpad, Woudenberg, Province Gelderland, 7,5 km (GPS 8.5 km)

On track again.. this time a 'Klompenpad' (wooden-shoes (farmers) -trail) in particular the Oudhorsterpad.  Walking anti-clockwise it starts off with a long straight path following a former railroad track. As this is relatively high above the counrtyside - like on the way back where the path follows a dike - it provides some excellent views - weather permitting - so it's hardly boring. Apart from that a very varied footpath and in the final stage you are treated with some interesting history lessons as this area has been part of Dutch defenses - making the most of our wet landscape - for many centuries. 

You can download the GPS track HERE
Map Oudhorsterpad


Thursday, 29 October 2015, the sequal of our hike on the 26th.. (down below...) 10.3 km East /North East of our campsite landschapscamping Alleleijn, based on the route provided by the campsite in collaboration with route.nl

You can download the GPS track HERE
Map Alleleyn2


Monday, 26 October 2015, the first half of a hike completed on the 29th (above) 9.1.km West  of our campsite landschapscamping Alleleijn, based on the route provided by the campsite in collaboration with route.nl

This nice hike takes you through the hills on the border between Belgium and The Netherlands... The route as published is almost 12 km but we decided to split in two, enjoying two great walking days...

Very varied landscape, hilly, plenty of options to divert from the route, nice views... in short - and the same applies for day 2 (above) - recommended!

You can download the GPS track HERE
Map Allleyn1

Kijkduin wandelroute
Kijkduin wandelroute
Kijkduin wandelroute lange Jan

Wednesday, 1 April 2015, Fort(ress) Kijkduin route near Den Helder (Huisduinen) in the Province of Noord-Holland, Wandelroute boek nr. 56; approximately 6 kilometers.

Folowing a visit to Fort Kijkduin - recommended to really appriciate the turbulent history of this area we've hiked this trail. Very easy trail as most of  it runs through the outskirts of the City of Den Helder.
Frankly speaking, not too interesting althought the lighthouse (Lange Jan) is impressive as are the view at the remarkable buildings (fortresess as well) of the Dutch Navy... (Den Helder is the base of the Dutch Marine)...
Fortunately it all ends well with a nice stretch of sanddunes south of Huisduinen before you return to Fort Kijkduin... 

Kaart Kijkduin wandelroute

 Zwanenwater Zwanenwater

Monday, 30 March 2015, Zwanenwater (Swanwater) route near Callantsoog in the Province of Noord-Holland, Wandelroute boek nr. 57; approximately 6 kilometers.

We've hiked this trail many years ago with the kids, now the two of us... relatively easy trail, but boots or waterproof shoes recommended as the trail can be very wet... This area is know for the many birds who use these calm lakes as a resting area, just behind the dunes protecting them (and us) from the North Sea winds...
The place is a paradise for bird watchers and there are various shelters where you can observer the birds, so bring your camera, a long lens and your binoculars...

Note; there is a small 'entrance fee' to be paid if you are not a member of 'Natuurmonumenten' or similar organisations.

Kaart wandelroute Zwanenwater

Startpunt Oud Averest
de Reest
de Reest
De Wheem

Sunday, 25 January 2015, nature trail "de Reest" in the Province of Overijssel, near Balkbrug, Wandelroute boek nr. 18; approximately 6 kilometers.

Explored on a dull winter-day, bit of drizzle and pretty slippery because of melting snow even with our excellent footwear...  Don't let the dull pictures mislead you; we will definitely return to this area as it is very varied and must be beautifull with some sunshine. The hike leads you over ancient path used in the old days (back to 1750) where church visitors and laborours trodded to their destination. Now excellenty signposted and sometimes crossing some farmyards. The starting point in Aoud Avereeest provides ample parking space and the visitor center "De Wheem" offers maps and other goodies as well as some beverages... 

You can download the GPS track HERE
Natuurpad de Reest


Sunday, 19 October 2014, "Mortelenroute" in the Province of Noord Brabant, near Oirschot, Wandelroute boek nr. 82; approximately 6 kilometers.

Easy hike near Oirschot where you will find many other routes for hiking or bicycling. The route takes you through typical (100 years old) varied 'Brabant' scenery which in the old day was shaped by many small farms trying to survive on these poor grounds (´kamertjeslandschap´) and hundred of drinking pools. The groundwater level currently being raised to give the orinal vegitation a chance to return. This area is famous for a wide variety of butterflies in the summer as well. 

Route is well marked (basically a combination of the 'yellow' and 'red' route you find on the maps available at several locations. Note however the soil pretty much is dense clay which provides poor drainage for rainwater....(high) waterproof shoes or boots recommended....

Sorry; forgot the GPS, so no track available for this one....
Map Mortelen route


Sunday, 1 June 2014, "Linschoten, History in the Green Heart" in the Province of South Holland, east of Gouda, Wandelroute gids nr. 43; approximately 7 kilometers.

Easy hike, Sunday afternoon hike through the historic village of Linschoten en circumnavigating the :Linschoten Estate". Very easy, but unmarked hike so you'll have to rely on our GPS track if you want to step in our footsteps... Many other (marked) hiking (and cycling) opportunities in this area. You can find an overview of these on the information plateau next to the N204 (west side; most northern crossing on the map).

You can download the GPS track HERE

Weegjeroute Waddinxveen
Weegjeroute Waddinxveen
Weegjeroute polder Bloemendaal
Sunday, 23 February 2014, "Weegjeroute"near Waddinxveen in the Province of South Holland, just east of Gouda, Wandelroute book nr. 63; approximately11 kilometers.

Easy hike, but to be honest the intial part which takes you more or less along the river (canal) Gouwe is a bit boring... Luckely after passing the aquaduct over the highway A12 the route becomes more interesting... circling ''Weegje' and back north through the polder Bloemendaal. Too bad about the ever present noise of the highway...

Bridge Waddinxveen
Map Weegjeroute Waddinxveen

Panoramic viiew Zanderij Maarn

Zanderij Maarn
Trap Stairs de Zanderij Maarn
Zanderij view to the East
Zanderij Maarn view to the West

Thursday 26 December 2013, earth monument "de Zanderij"  near Maarn in the Province of Utrecht, just east of Utrecht, improvised route; approx 5 kilometres.

Easy hike, but prepare to descend/ascend using a small earth/wooden stair of - in the south west corner - a very long and steep aluminium stair to get to/from this former sand quarry. Millions of people will have seen this surprising area travelling on the highway (A12) from the west towards Germany.  The hike is relatively short but varied however the most interesting topic is the geological history which has been preserved in this place represented by an Earth monument. The monument itself is accessible only for guided tours but there are excellent viewing points and informative signposts along the route.
Map Kaart hike Zanderij Maarn

Horses near Soest Estaste near Soest Autumn colours Autumn colours near Soest Pijnenburg

Sunday 20 October 2013, Pijnenburg and other estates near Soest in the Province of Utrecht, north-east of Utrecht, improvised route; 10 kilometres.

Easy hike, but varied hike. Busy area in the weekends and holidays... lots of MTB, horse riders etc. etc. Nevertheless nice area for a Sunday afternoon hike. Close to the (old) Royal Palace of Soestdijk and near the residence of the (retired) Queen Beatrix. Hardly any signposts so your on your own for navigation...   In case you use our GPS track as a reference; try to avoid the part next to the busy N234. Not difficult if you make a left-turn in time...
The GPS track is available HERE
Route hike Soest Pijnenburg

Leersumsche plassen
Leersumsche plassen
Leersumsche plassen

Monday 7 October 2013, Leersumsche plassen (previously 7 November 2004) in the Province of Utrecht, east of Utrecht, improvised route; 10 kilometres.

Easy hike, but varied hike. Forest, more, small lakes, 'wild' cows... Note that some parts of this particular route are off limits during the (bird) breeding season in the summer. Easy to circumnavigate if applicable. The area can be rather crowded during summer holidays and weekends so avoid these periods whenever possible. Route starts a the visitors center (limited opening times) where maps and signpost provide alternative routes in this area.      
The GPS track is available HERE
Hikingroute Leersumsche plassen

Austerlitz hiking
Austerlitz Hiking
Austerlitz Pyramide
Austerlitz Hiking

Sunday 9 June 2013, Austerlitz in the Province of Utrecht, east of Utrecht, combining various hikes in this area as published in the AD Reiswereld 19 December 2009; 11.4 kilometres.

Easy hike, starting at the town square ('Dorpsplein') of the Austerlitz village. Initally a bit dull, but gets more varied along the way. The obvious highlight is the famous and by now notorious for its recurrant renovation costs; the Pyramid of Austerlitz. Surrected to avoid the troops of Napoleon getting bored in the Dutch woods...  
The GPS track is available HERE
Hiking route Austerlitz

Pikmeeuwenmeer Hamertroute
Pikmeeuwenmeer Hamertroute

Thursday 9 May 2013, Hamertroute, just north of Arcen in the province of Limburg, Wandelrouteboek route 91; 5.5 kilometres (6 according to the book).

Great, varied and easy hike. Offers some accidented terrein, great views and is well marked. Typical for this area; open forest (it's an old estate), sanddunes, and large fens like the Pikmeeeuwenmeer.... and an old canal (18th century) which is now a beautiful meandering stream (Geldernsch - Nierscanal). Lots of wildlife and considering all the birdwatchers we met; great area to spot common and even the occasional rare bird. The abundant moor/heath which is now cherised by the local nature preservation organisation, an ancient gravehill ("Vorstengraf") as well as a sober momument remembering WWII casualities complete this summary; this hike is therefore strongly recommended. 
The GPS track is available HERE
Map Hamertroute near Arcen


Sunday 5 May 2013, more or less the "Bergerbos route" (now replaced by the "Broedersbos route"), east of  Boxmeer near Afferden): Wandelrouteboek route 90; 5 kilometres.

Combined with the "Ullingse bergenroute" below which is in the same area both hikes provide you with 12 enjoyable kilometres in total. Like is 'peer hike' 10km to the west a varied and easy trail. This area is redeveloped as 'natural sight', new, well marked hikes are being made available (we used the blue signposts). Although there are similarities with the "Ullingse bergenroute" (forest, sanddunes) this hike takes you through lightly accidented terrain, there are more and large fens and there is very nice observations tower which - on a clear day - offers you some great views!
The GPS track is available HERE
Map Bergerbos Broederbosroute

Ullingsebergen route
Ullingsebergen route
Ullingsebergen route

Sunday 5 May 2013, the "Ullingse bergenroute" St.Anthonis (southwest of  Boxmeer): Wandelrouteboek route 88; 7 kilometres...

Nice, varied trail, easy going; we combined it with the nearby hike above (Bergerbos near Afferden). 
Originally a 'production forest' but now being developed as 'nature'. Combined with the sanddunes, the ancient (now dry) riverbank as well as the heath it is becoming 'a sight to see'...
The relatively rare Juniper and the sheepfold complete a pittoresk picture and provide for a relaxing and interesting hike... 

The GPS track is available HERE
Map Ullingsebergroute

Bovenste Plasmolen
Groene water

Saturday 20 April 2013, the "Keikberg" route near Plasmolen in the province of 'Gelderland': Wandelrouteboek route 89; 6 kilometers.. (St. Jansberg)

The description was promising.... 'non-Dutch beautiful scenery'... turned out to be the truth... very accidented trail (climb and descent) with great views... Well marked and no tarmac... Make sure to have a look at the watermill "Bovenste Plasmolen" and visit the reconstruction site of the Roman Villa.. (both near the start of the hike north of the village of Plasmolen...)

If you like you can extend the hike by approximately 5 km in the North across the Mokerhei. Well marked; you are offerd the choice somewhere halfway this hike...

And yes... we spotted a Kingfisher (IJsvogel in Dutch)

The GPS track is available HERE
Map Kiekenbergwandelroute

Zaanstad modern architecture
Zaanstad hotel
Zaanstad Church

Monday 1 April 2013, the "Czaar Peter" route in Zaanstad (Zaamdam) in the province of 'North Holland': Wandelrouteboek route 54;'less than 6 kilometers..

Easy (Easter) afternoon city-walk/stroll through a very Dutch scenery..  Zaanstad is still proud of the visit of Czaar Peter in 1697 and the ancient shipyard industry... Most of that is gone, but they have succeeded in mixing the old and new architecture in a remarkable way.. Worth visiting and taking some spectacular pictures and then head back to Amsterdam and Utrecht for more 'things to do' and (historical) sights to see...
Map Czaar Peter route Zaandam
Neer (L)
Maas Hanssum (L)

Tuesday 5 |March, based on the Kwir- en Hanssumroute near Neer in the province of Limburg; wandelrouteboek route 94, 11 km.

Nice and varied track, can be muddy and slippery. Based on the original route we improvised a bit using the GPS and the 'numbered nodes' ('knooppunten netwerk'). The trip takes you from Neer (L) via Kinkhoven and Hanssum back tot Neer. Like everywhere in this area, many small chapels along the way and apart from that some great initiatives to control the rivers and streams in this area (it experienced a lot of flooding) resulting in interesting waterworks but also reintroducing some environmental friendly solutions... The track along the Maas provide you with some great views!  

The GPS track is available HERE
Map Kwir- en Hanssumroute

Grathem canal
Grathemer molen
Puinebrok ommetje Grathem

Monday 4 March 2013, based on the Kastelen- en Grathemerroute near Grathem in the province of Limburg; wandelrouteboek route 95, 9.1 kilometers.

Easy walk, first part of the route refers to 'castles' and some - not too impressive - can be seen from some distance. An exception is the beautifully restored castle Groot Bruggenum but in summertime this might be invisible as well due to surrounding trees...

The trip takes you along the straight canal Wessem - Nederweert where the noise of the busy highway A2 is very present... All in all not very impressive although halfway you encounter a special earthwork where the Uffelse beek is led under (!) the canal to cross it...

When you passed the Grathemer Molen (Mill) in the village, with its iron (!) wheel, you can follow the signs for the 'Puinebrök ommetje' a reinstated local walk... Note the outdoor artwork you pass along the walk, just before returning to Grathem. 

The GPS track is available HERE
Map Kastelen- en Grathemerroute

Oostgeer wandel route Hazerswoude
Oostgeer wandelroute Hazerswoude
Oostgeer Icing grass
Oostgeer wandelroute Hazerswoude
Sunday 13 January 2013, the "Oostgeer" route near Hazerswoude Dorp in the province of 'Zuid Holland': Wandelrouteboek route 62; 8 kilometers, GPS showed 7.1 km...

Easy Sunday afternoon stroll through a very Dutch (winter) scenery, windmills and canals included...  This area - most of it well below sealevel - was made inhabitbale in the 11th century, hence the many waterways to manage the waterlevel...
Apart from that... not much to tell...
The GPS track is available HERE
Wandelroute Oostgeer route Hazerswoude

Rottige Meent
Rotttige Meent
Rottige Meent

Tuesday  1 January 2013, the "Rottige Meente" route near Nijetrijne in the province of Friesland: Wandelrouteboek route 1; 8.3 kilometers.

Nice and interesting hike, both from a historical and nature/wildlife perspective... However... make sure bring good, waterproof boots as this track takes your through the reserve which  got his name because the ground was so wet that nothing (culture) could be grown there... An area where peat stabbing was and still is shaping the landscape...

Lots of variety in the landscape, best part to keep your feet dry is probably the north western circle (shell path). might be reached directly from the village of Munnekeburen. According to the signposts there are more routes in this areas, ranging from 3 km up to 15 km... Recommended...
The GPS track is available HERE
Map Rottige Meent Route

Hollandse Hout wandelroute
Hollandse Hout route
Hollandse Hout route

Sunday 30 December 2012; Hollandse Houtroute in the new land of the 'Flevopolder' near Lelystad. Nothing official; just improvised 8.2 km according to our GPS.

Easy - but possibly muddy - trails just south of Lelystad in the reclaimed land of the IJsselmeer / Zuiderzee. Typical production forest, now managed with a bit of 'let nature take its course attitude. Bit like the neighbouring Oostvaarderplassen which are much 'wilder', however major parts there are closed for the public...

The Holllandse Hout area however gives you ample opportunities to wander around freely, as many trails provide you with a lot of alternatives....

The GPS track is available HERE
(please note that this track includes some trails off limits for dogs...)
Hollandse Hout wandelroute

Impression forest and steep terrain Duivelsbergroute Berg en Dal
Impression landscape Duivelsbergroute Berg en Dal
Impression landscap Duivelsberg Berg en Dal

Thursday 31 October 2012; Duivelsbergroute ("Devils'Mountain route) in Berg en Dal, in the east of the Netherlands, just touching the border with Germany; 'wandelboek' route 40, 9 km according to the book, our GPS told us 7.4 km.

A very uncharacteristic hike for the Netherlands, considering the height of the hills and the steep climbs. Situated just west of the German city of Kleve this is indeed an interesting walk.

Prepare for some steep climbs and descents and proper footwear is recommended. Note that you can extend the hike up to 18 km by following the green signposts, promising some spectacular views.

Definitely recommended, especially if you want to escape the flat landscapes of the Netherlands or get some practice before you really go up to serious hills and mountains.
The GPS track is available HERE
Route map Duivelsberg route Berg en Dal

View to the South  'Zeetoren' (Seatower) Hoek van Holland Rotterdam
An interesting mix of nature, leisure, transport and industry hiking the beach and dunes in Hoek van Holland
Impresive surf on the pier of Hoek van Holland
The dunes of Hoek van Holland
Zeetoren (Seatower) Hoek van Holland Rotterdam

Saturday 22 September 2012; free format hike near Hoek van Holland inspired by the Hollands Kustpad LAW (Dutch Coast Trail), 12 kilometers.

An interesting mix of nature, leisure, transport and industry hiking the beach and dunes. From all points of view an extremely dynamic area...
The trail takes you from the parking in Hoek van Holland ('Hook') to the long pier, beach, dunes and back to the parking (and Atlantik Wall museum and Rescue museum).
Condition of the trail obviously varies with the weather... The same applies for the number of people visiting. Looking at the huge parking places it's probably very crowded on a sunny day in summer...

A visit to the Zeetoren ('Sea tower'), especially with nice weather is recommended. Guides are (often) there to tell you about the interesting history of the tower and the natural surroundings! Please note the panoramic view (to the south) from the tower. Until  the 1970's the sea came up to area marked with the red arrow (old seapromenade, now carpark) and with a dotted line in the map on the right. All the 'nature' in that area was the result of sand replenishment ('Van Dixhoorn driehoek') and to just let nature take its course from there on! From the tower you have a magnificant view at Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague and a new, innovative project 'De Zandmotor' (the Sand engine) to protect the Dutch coast against the elements.
The GPS track is available HERE.
Map 12 km hike on the beach and in the dunes of Hoek van Holland (Rotterdam)


Groot Ganzenven Herperduin
Klompven Herperduin
Herperduin Sanddunes Zandverstuiving

Sunday 22 July 2012 the "Herperduinroute" near Oss in the province of Brabant. Wandelboek route 87, 11 kilometers.

Easy hike, through relatively open forest, wide paths. Providing you with a landscape representative for this province; forest, moor, fen and (small) sand dunes...
To be honest all these are packed in the last 3 kilometers (counterclockwise) and the initial part is not too interesting.

So enjoy the 'exercise', have a look at the Exmoor pony's and Scottish Highlanders on your way to the 'Groot Ganzenven', Klompven and finally 'Herperduin'.

Note that various parts of the track follow the (busy) routes for cyclist and prepare to meet some dogs... Everybody in Brabant  seems to 'exercise' his dog in this area...

The GPS track is available HERE, in real life look at the route description near the parking and intermittently switch between the white and red signposts.
Herperduin wandel route

Blauwe kamer Wageningen
Landscape river Blauwe Kamer

Sunday 15 July 2012 "De Blauwe Kamer (Blue Room) near Wageningen in the province of Gelderland, approx. 4 km; Stichting Het Utrechts Landschap

Following this years' trips in Scotland and Iceland we decided to have a look close by again...
In 1992 parts of the dike protecting the landscape along the river Nederrijn were removed to create some new wetlands and let nature run its course. The project has been very successful, it now offers a very varied landscape which hosts an abundance of wildlife; birds in particular. All thought much of the landscape is off-limits for the general public, there are 2 walks for everyone to enjoy.

Easy trail, and considering the length not a real physical challenge... however will be muddy and slippery so bring proper footwear. And make sure you bring your camera and even binoculars, especially if you're into birdwatching!

No GPS track this time, this is too easy and sign posted very well!
Shining shoes
Map Blauwe Kamer

Goudse Hout Route crossing the bridge
Goudse Houtroute living on multiple shores
Gouda lock sluis

Sunday 25 March 2012. route 94 'Wandelboek',  9  km, "Goudse Hout-route; near Gouda (province of South-Holland/Zuid Holland)

Digging out peat in the Netherlands has left the Dutch with a lot op open water... Great and very popular the live on the shores and providing an abundant wildlive, birds in particular. And very suitable for recreation as well; swimming, sailing, surfing and even hiking...

Easy trail, busy on warm and sunny days but providing you with a lot of great views.

The GPS track is available HERE
Goudse Hout Route

Kerkrade Ehrenstein
Kerkrade Nieuw Ehrenstein
Kerkrade Cranenweyer

Thursday 8 March 2012. route 98 'ANWB Wandelroutebox',  8 /12 km, "Kerkrade, mix of nature and old coalmines; near Maastricht (Limburg)

Park-like  scenery, a lot of wildlive thanks to the water reservoir Cranenweijer. Birds in particular but we even spottted a beaver...
Some trails (mix of asphalt and mud) can be muddy and from a Dutch perspective there are even some ascents and descends. All in all an easy track; too bad about the noise of the busy highways nearby...

We circled the reservoir only but you can extend the walk by entering the town of Kerkrade.

The GPS track is available HERE
Kerkrade Mix van Natuur en Oude mijnen

Geleen van station naar station wandeling
Geleen van station naar station wandeling
Geleen van station naar station wandeling

Tuesday 6 March 2012. route 97 'ANWB Wandelroutebox',  8  km, "Geleen; from station  to station; near Geleen, Daniken and Sweikhuizen (Limburg)

Very popular in the Netherlands; walk from station to station and take the train back to your car. Very nice and varied trail takes you from Geleen via Daniken and Sweikhuizen tot the station of Spaubeek where a train takes you back in a few minutes... Some serious ascents and decents for a Dutchman, but not too bad considering the relatively short distance. Do have a look at the visitor centre shortly after the start, located in the old but renovated stone factory.

The GPS track is available HERE 
Geleen van station naar station

Panorama Brunsummerheide


Monday 5 March 2012. route 97 'Wandelboek',  7  km, "Brunsummerheide route near Heerlen  (Limburg)

Extremely nice walk taking you through the heath (moorland) near Heerlen. Many trails, great well equiped visitors centre with a restaurant and terras providing you with geat views. Can eb very crowded, but - as ususal - once your some distance from the parking no problem to 'be alone'... Quite an intersting area  for geologists and a large 'silversand' quarry provides for a landmark that cannot be overlooked...

The GPS track is available HERE

Meinweg panoramic view Asperges fields
Meinweg Paardengat Reeweg routes
Mainweg Paardengat Reeweg
Meinweg Paardengat Reeweg route
Meinweg Paardengat Reeweg route

Thursday 3 November 2011. route 96 'Wandelboek',  9  km, "Paardengat" and "Reeweg"routes; South of Roermond (Limburg)

Started at the parking of the (closed) old railway track north east of the visitor's centre "De Meinweg" which was closed (off season) as well... Too bad, looked great from the outside...

Despite some light rain, nice hike, varied terrain; forest, moors, fields and water... Geologically interesting as there runs a clearly recognizable fault through the landscape.

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE
Meinweg routes

Groote Peel panoramic view ven
Groote Peel entrance reserve Groote Peel viewing point
Groote Peel reserve woodland bridge wetlands
Goote Peel panoramic view moor wetlands

Wednesday, 2 November 2011, Groote Peel, Mussenbaan route (blue markings), 6 km, more info:Nationaal Park de Groote Peel
Near Weert (Limburg)

Short but varied hike, options for a 2 km and  3 km route as well... Beautiful sights, varied and interesting wildlife and a well equipped visitor's center.The ven "Meerbaansblaak" offers great opportunities for bird watchers!   

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE
Groote Peel blauwe paaltjes route

Bridge Leudal
Slope Leudal
Leudal following the stream
Sunset Leudal hike ends

Monday, 31 October 2011, Leudal route near Healen (Limburg), 18 km, based on "De Mooiste Wandelingen in Nederland"(Capitool Wandelgidsen www.snp.nl/capitool)

Very varied hike including some small climbs and descends following old and new riverbeds...  We started out on Aldenghoor castle and were surprised by an actual stone owl tower, chapels and churches (St. Servaas) etc.

Nice track, waterproof hiking boots recommended.

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE
Leudal route

Panorama Heidestein Moor
Heidestein folly

Heidestein Moor
Hiedestein Bornea
Heidestein moor

Sunday, 11 September 2011, start at Prinses Margrietlaan, Zeist, 11km
Following the red and subsequently the blue (Bornia) trail

Nice varied hike on the Hiedestein and Bornia estates... on the boundary of the sanddunes and hilly landscape of the "Utrechtse Heuvelrug". Can be muddy but well marked and only mild climbs and descends...

Visit the sheepfold (open on Sunday afternoons only) whenever possible and enjoy the efforts being undertaken to transform the landscape back to sanddunes and mores.

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE

Heidestein Bornia hikingroute

Woudenberg hike Woudenberghike
Woudenberg hike
Woudenberg hike

Sunday 9 January 2011, North West of Woudenberg; 8.8 km;
Based on a track on www.gpstracks.nl

Nice Sunday afternoon strol. Varied landscape; moors (landscaping in progress), forest and fields. Can be muddy and slippery when wet; wear waterproof  shoes. Router can be extended easily to adjacent fields and forests.

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE

Google map Woudenberg hike

Landgoed Vennebroek
Friese Veen
De Braak

Thursday 23 September 2010, South of Groningen, just North and adjacent Paterswolde, 9.2 km; source 'Natuurwijzer' published by 'Vereniging Natuurmonumenten'.

This combination of 2 hikes; starting at the Vennebroek estate, leading you along the  Friese Veen  and through a beautiful wide open polder scenery to the parklike 'De_Braak'estate.

Great area for birdwatching!

Our GPS track is available, download (right click to download) HERE
 Map Paterswolde Vennebroek Friese Veen De Braak

Horstmanbos early morning
Drouwenerzand sunrise
Drouwenerzand sunrise

Various days this week in September 2010, 8.4 km in Gasselte; Drouwenerzand  and Horstmanbos  (purple route Drouwenerzand 5 km incl.)

Build this route to execute my morning jogging run around the purple route Drouwenerzand. The 'Het Drentse Landschap ' foundation is doing its upmost to bring back this areas into its historic, 'wild' character with active, dynamic sanddunes by chopping a lot a trees in this 200 hacre  nature area.

Pictures were taken just after sunset, but the area is worth a visit anytime!

More info (in Dutch only)
Our GPS track is available, download HERE (right click to download)

Map Horstmanbos Drouwenerzand

Sellingen Ter Borg Forest and Moors
Sellingen Ter Borg
The Theatre of Nature
The charming and hospitable information centre De Noordmee

Tuesday 21 September 2010, Beekdal route  route 8 'Wandelboek',  8 km
Ter Borg estate nr Sellingen

Absolutely one of our favorites. very varied walk, close to the German border. Starting at the information centre 'De Noordmee', by the way very hospitable and interesting, you follow initially the river Ruiten Aa. Subsequently you enter the nature reserve Ter Borg, providing you with open views, forests, fenns and moors, back to the Ruiten Aa and the information centre. Recommended!

Our GPS track is available, download HERE (right click to download)

Sellingen Ter Borg river Aa
    Map Sellingen Ter Borg area

Port Lauwersoog historic harbour
Dike Lauwersoog Breaking out of the forest Lauwersoog

Monday 20 September 2010, 'Orchideeënpad' (Orchids path), 7 km / 9.2 km
(wandelrouteboek, number 5)

Initially we set of to follow the Orchids path... but as we seem to have missed one of the blue markers we improvised..  Nice varied trail,  starting at the port of  Lauwersoog with a some nice historic ships births... subsequently following the Waddenzee dike with a nice view at the island Schiermonnikoog across the sea... Take a right back inland as soon as you are 'allowed '(you are circumnavigating a military exercise area) crossing the woods toward wide open fields back to Lauwersoog.  

Note that our track takes you through an area which is sometimes closed for public because of exercises. If this is the case it is announced well in time and clearly indicated (lights and flags). The GPS track is available, download HERE (right click to download)
Lauwersoog map area
For the next 4 hikes we used the campingsite 'Sparrenhof' in Gasselte (Drenthe) as our (caravan)basecamp... as we did in September 2008; still highly recommended! Sheepherd and Shepherd Dwingelerveld
Wild Orchard Schoonrewoerdse Wiel van Bassa Dordtse Huis Alblasserwaard Schoonrewoerd View to the south from the Diefdijk near Schoonrewoerd

Sunday 23 May 2010, 'Groene Kikker Route' (Green Frog Route), 2.1 km
near Schoonrewoerd (http://www.natuurcentrum.nl/)

Shortest hike ever... yet worth mentioning because of the very 'Dutch' scenery views and landscape history... The hike circles  the Schoonrewoerdse Wiel ref as the 'Wiel van Bas'. A 'Wiel' is a pool or lake which was created when the  river and land dikes broke and huge amounts of water flooded in the land in a very short period in time. This particular 'Wiel' was created in1573 and covering 13 hectares... It's now a nature reserve with many finding refuge in the old and abandoned orchards...  Easy trail, parts over dike ('Diefdijk') offering stunning views but can be very busy (cyclists,cars, motorbikes) on a sunny day...
Note the 'Dordtse' house ('Alblasserwaard') next to the dike. Although the Classer's is quite some miles away the protection against flooding offered by the Diefenbaker was very important for this area. So the dikes integrity was managed closely from this house, avoiding travel costs and time (18th Century, close by the 17th Century farmhouse 'de Kruithof'.

Our GPS track is available, download HERE  
 Groene Kikkerroute
Boswachterij Dorst Boswachterij Dorst Boswachterij Dorst

Friday  26 March 2010,bespoke route, Forestry Dorst 6.8  km
just NorthWest of Dorst (Boswachterij Dorst)

Again a great and easy hike in an area where moors, trees and water meet...
Probably busy during the weekends and in the holiday season...  so pick the right day according your preferences....

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Boswachterij Dorst
Vennenroute Kampina Groene Bergen Vennenroute Kampina Witte Bergen Kampina Vennenroute

Thursday 25 March 2010, Venneroute  route 80 'Wandelboek',  8.9  km
Kampina estate, west of De Roond

The most enjoyable and interesting hike this week! Yes, the sun was shining an that helps... no, we did not Photoshop the pictures... The 'Kampina'  nature area was previously dominated by moors and sheep. As the sheep became redundant (because artificial fertilizer was introduced) grasses and trees seized the opportunity. Now Icelandic horses and cows (Blonde d'Aquitaine) work hard to keep the area open.
The real attractiveness comes from the many fens with abundant wildlife (birds) and rare plants.
Strongly recommended!

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Map Vennenroute Kampina
Tower Kraaijenberg View Markiezaatsmeer View Markiezaatsmeer

Wednesday  24 March 2010, Kraaijenberg Hildernisseroute
route 77  'Wandelboek',  12.2  km, near Zuidgeest, south west of 'Bergen op Zoom' 

To be honest, not the most fascinating hike we've done this week. It starts of well enough in the Northern part of the track. Some easy slopes, nice hike through the wetland next to Markiezaatsmeer and a detour to a birdwatching shed. The view from the tower next to the visitor center is great as well as is the initial track southbound. After that the forest gets a bit dull and the noise from the busy highway A4 is never far away... 

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Map Kraaijenberg Hildernisseroute
Begijnhof Breda Spanjaardsgat Breda Spanjaardsgat Breda

Tuesday 23 March 2010, Bredaas Kwartiertje  route 79 'Wandelboek',  4.7  km
City walk through Breda, 'the pearl of the south', long Military tradition, Royalty and the remnants  of war are visible here... Numerous historical buildings combined with modern design and a hospitality in bars and restaurants.   

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Note we interrupted our walk visiting the Graphic Design Museum (De Beyerd)
Worth while!
Map city hike Bredaas Kwartiertje (De Beyerd)
Putven Lunch with wet feet... Wet forest Fen in Chaamse Bossen

Monday 22 March 2010, Chaamse bossenroute 78 'Wandelboek',  12.7  km
Boswachterij 'Ulvenhout'

These forest in the south of the Netherlands (Brabant) are approximately 100 years old. Originally production forest, now developing toward nature management and recreation. Varied forest and interesting trail. The Putven is a great place... and again ... waterproof boots or shoes recommended as shown in the pictures.

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Map Chaamse Bossen route
De Moer Grote Bodem Huis ter Heide route De Moer Huis ter Heide route Leikeven

Sunday 21 March 2010, Huis ter Heide route 81 'Wandelboek',  7.7  km
south east of 'De Moer'

After arriving and parking our caravan for the week at the VeKaBo campsite 'De Kleine Absthoeve' between Oosterhout and Breda we decided to enjoy a late afternoon stroll near De Moer; the 'Huis ter Heide route'.  Enjoyable hike, some muddy stretches; as we encountered several times during the next week. Suitable boots or hiking shoes recommended to keep your feet dry...

Apart from that; nice, varied trail, no significant road noise, might be relatively crowded and busy during the weekends and holidays.

Our GPS track is available, download HERE
Map Huis ter Heide route
View from the Zeearend Observation Point Oostvaarderplassen
Oostvaarderplassen drowning forest Running horses looking west Oostvaarderplassen Oostvaarderplassen Muddy track in forest

Sunday 13 December 2009, route 8 'Grasduinen',  14 km
just south of Lelystad 

We'd been looking for an opportunity to hike in or close to one of the largest wildlife resorts in the Netherlands: the Oostvaarderplassen. Not an easy job as there are a few (short) hikes from the visitor centres, but most of the Parc is of limits without a guide. Yet the magazine Grasduinen came up with a solution; connect two walks and end up with a real hike. Varied trail... route description fine, multiple opportunities for birdwatching and photography or just sheltering from bad weather... The GPS track is available: download HERE.

We particularly enjoyed the Western part of the hike but be sure to bring waterproof boots! You're well below sea level and to protect this great wetlands the water level is being kept fairly high...
Hiking route Oostvaarder plassen GPS track available left
Groenekanseroute Groenekanseroute Groenekanseroute

Sunday 8 November 2009, route 47,  Groenekanseroute 13,6 km
(not 12 km as described in the book) near Groenekan and Maartensdijk

Varied trail... signs  do need an update, so use the GPS track when able (download HERE). Hike is just north of Utrecht and close to the Highway to Hilversum (A27). Depending on the wind direction this shouldn't be too much of an annoyance ... However, on a sunny Sunday autumn afternoon you'll share your trail with many bikers and joggers. If you're in the mood for this; the route provides you with a relaxing, easy trail... passing the part of the Dutch ' Waterlinie' fortifications, park Beukenburg. Huis Voordaan, Fortress Voordorp etc.  

Google Earth Map Groenekanse route
Panorama vogelhut Kuinderplas
 Natuurpad de Kuilen
Natuurpad de Kuilen
Natuurpad de Kuilen Natuurpad de Kuilen
  Oude Haven Kuinre
Oude Havenroute
Houten beelden oude haven route John van Kampe Oude Haven route
Monday 21 September 2009, route 26 Combination of the Oude Havenroute and the naturetrail de Kuilen near Kuinre,  9 km

The Oude Havenroute starts of great with a reconstruction of the old harbour... yes, this was an inner see not too long ago... After that; bit disappointing and boring unless you're interested in a wide variety of ferns. Fortunately the statues carved in trees bythe worldchampion with the chainsaw John van Kampen provide a welcome distraction!

The nature trail compensates for the disapointing trail above. Allthough still developing; it's a very attractive scenery, well marked and despite the short distance very varied... The Welsh ponies who are responsible for 'maintenance' really fit in the landscape, but when blocking your trail these 'wild horses' might cause some delay...

Free advise: if you're by car, use it to get from one track to the other; the connecting route isn't very attractive along a tarmaq road. If you're in for some extra miles there are more interesting forest tracks to get from one hike to the other...    
Oude Haven en Natuurpad de Kuilen
Panorama Hulshorsterzand West
Nunspeet Hendriks Bos Willems Bos Nunspeet Moor Hulshorsterzandroute Hulshorsterzand trees in sanddunes 
Hulshorsterzand Oost   Hulshorster Bosrandroute
Sunday 20 September 2009, route 29
Hulshorster Bosrandroute near Nunspeet, 20 km.  Very varied walk, well marked trail  and excellent scenery: forest, fields, sanddunes and moor. Strongly recommended! GPS track available; click HERE
Hulshorster Bosrand Route 
Uitkijktoren Zandenbosch Nunspeet
View of Dolmen - Hunebedden near Emmen
Emmerdennerroute Sanddunes Emmerdennenroute Moors and Dolmes Emmerdennenroute rare (long) Dolme / Hunebed 'Langgraf'
Sunday 6 September 2009, route 14 Emmerdennen route in and around Emmen,  12km

Surprisingly ´green´ walk in and around the ´green´ city of Emmen in the north of the Netherlands in the province Drenthe. en in province Drenthe.

This area was threathened by sanddunes in the 19th century. The sand was ´fixed´ by planting many fir trees and now provides an excellent habitat for a variety of animals and plants. Much older are the  historically interesting  dolmes 'hunebedden' along the way... And if you do have some time left don´t pass the famous Emmen ZOO: 'noorderdierenpark' without a visit!
Note: route is well marked but has changed in time, look at the insert in the map or use our  GPS track.

Map Emmerdennenroute

Appelbergroute scenery near Groningen     Appelbergroute near ww2 monument View of acres next to Appelbergroute near Groningen

Saturday 5 September 2009, route 6, Appélbergen, 5km, near Groningen

Short, interesting, varied, not too well marked,. muddy for after rains and starting point difficult to find.

Yet, defenetely worth your visit if you're in the neighbourhood of Groningen city.

Old peat area and as nature is allowed to follow its course (with a little help) now developing into a beauiful swamped area again.
Appelberg route near Groningen
Through the meadow Vijfheerenlandenroute
Vijfheerenroute Polderweg Vijfheerenroute Achterkade Vijfheerenroute Bolgerijnsekade
Saturday 25 July 2009, Vijfheerenroute, Hei- en Boeicop, 14 (or 20) km
('Zuid-Hollands Landschap; www.zuidhollandslandschap.nl)

Click to download the GPStrack (14 km version)

Unmarked trail, so collect your copy of a route description at a local tourist agency (VVV) or at 'Natuurcentrum de Schaapskooi' where you can park your car as well... Run by volunteers, it's not open 24/7 so check opening times if you want to be sure (+31 (0)345 641 201 or www.natuurcentrum.nl) . The description provides you with a lot of interesting information as well, adding to the pleasure of this nice hike. There are a few short (nature trails) in the adjacent to the track, so you can ad quite some interesting kilometers to original trail... More information on this in the leaflets..

Excellent environment for birdwatching... note that a significant part of the track leads you over muddy and unpaved roads, characteristic for this 'swamp like' area... It is a polder... so you're well below sealevel and the area was developed around the peat - industry...  

Map Vijfheerenroute
Panorama Korte Lochemseberg Route
Lochemseberg Lochemseberg Lochemseberg
Sunday 3 May 2009, Korte Lochemsebergroute, 8 km

Click to download the GPStrack

Well marked trail, there's a longer route available as well.. Great scenery, but usually very crowded with other hikers, dogs and mountainbikers...
Gietelo Gietelo Gietelo
Saturday 2 May 2009, Gietelo, 'Langs hagen en over dijken'
Toeractief Wandelroutebox  #34  8 km

Click to download the GPStrack

Varied, easy trail. Partly along the IJssel and an ancient castle 'Slot Nijenbeek'. You might bring some binoculars if you're into birdwatching, some great opportunities there...
Langs hagen en over dijken
Berkelvalleiroute Berkelvalleiroute Berkelvalleiroute
Friday 1 May 2009, Berkelvalleiroute, ANWB Wandelboek #33
 near Warnsveld and Almen 18 km

Great, very easy trail, very varied in the eastern part of the Netherlands wandering in the neighborhood of the river Berkel... Passing some great estates as well to add a little culture and history to this trail... 
Batau Noord behind the sound protecting wall A2 Mainstreet (Voorstraat) IJsselstein Nedereindse Plas
Sunday 26 April 2009, Nieuwegein - IJsselstein - Nieuwegein, 14,1 km
We decided to visit family in IJsselstein and take the opportunity to define a route of our own. Starting at the corner Middenweide/Dassenweide in Nieuwegein to the tramstation at the Praagsingel in IJsselstein. Obviously this route takes you trough the suburbs of Utrecht, but there are a lot of  nice 'nature' views as well and the historical innercity of IJsselstein is always a nice intermezzo... As the tramstation is hafway this circular route you might take the tram back to Nieuwegein (or Utrecht). However, if you walk this hike clockwise you'll miss the nice views over the 'Nieuwegeinse Plas'....  You can download the track in various GPS formats HERE.   
Map IJsselstein Nieuwegein vice versa
Helvoirt Loonse Drunense Duinen Helvoirt Loonse Drunense Duinen Helvoirt Loonse Drunense Duinen Helvoirt Loonse Drunense Duinen
14 April 2009, "appetizing hike" Loonse en Drunense Duinen near Helvoirt 6 km, route by Karen and Marcel ...
Brief encounter with a relatively new 'National Parc', hiking through the.sand dunes can be tough...but if the 'tough gets going' your're rewarded with some great sceneries....
We'll be back for more, in the meantime more information on nationaalpark  or natuurmonumenten
Kasteel Huis Bergh
Varkesstraotje Vossenweg Montferland Montferlandselaan
20 March 2009, 'High Grounds in the Achterhoek', 's  Heerenberg, Montferland, 9 km route 41 Wandelroutebox (Toeractief)

Great route, some busy tracks but the 'Castle Huis Bergh', the nice city of ;s-Heerenberg and the height differences of the trail really make this hike enjoyable. Varied as well, open plains and forest scenery...
Our GPS-track available for download HERE
sHeerenberg Hoge Achterhoek

Jachtweg 't Zand Varssel Gotinksteeg Golfbaan 't Zelle
19 March 2009, Varsselroute near Varssel,  10km, route 35 ANWB Wandelrouteboek

Nice track, very representative scenery for this part of the Netherlands... Bit too much tarmac and cobble stones for our taste and probably very busy during the holiday season and sunny weekends.  And even Golf ranges provide an interesting scenery nowadays...

Our GPS-track available for download HERE
FieldForestTwilight TreeMirrorWaterTwilight HuizeRuurloTwilight
18 March 2009, Wandering in the Achterhoek, Ruurlo, 7km, route 37 Wandelroutebox (Toeractief) 

Great evening hike starting at at the parking of the railwaystation Ruurlo, but very soon you're wandering through the varied landscape south of Ruurlo. Recommended...
Our GPS-track available for download HERE
Toadstools on wooden log Bergherbos Loerbeek
17 March 2009, Beekermarkroute, Loerbeek, Montferland, 7 km, route 36, ANWB Wandelrouteboek (Vereniging Natuurmonumenten)

Highly recommended if you're not afraid of randy and muddy trails and like to do some ascending. Easy to get lost without a GPS but you might be rewarded with some great sights...  
 Our GPS-track available for download HERE
Syntus train Keyzersbeek_Walfort BredevoortAalten
16 March 2009, Achterhoeks Coulissen Landschap: Aalten to Bredevoort, 12 km, Route 38 Wandelroutebox (Toeractief)

From 15 March 2009 up to and including 21 March 2009 we stayed with our caravan at SVR camping De Biezenhof in Sinderen, in the East of the Netherlands near the German border. During this brief spring holiday we added 5 hikes to our list and this website... 

Interesting and varied walk, but unfortunately crossing and following a lot of tarmac and busy roads. Still; the 'town of books' Bredevoort is worth your time and the sights near the estate of Walfort can be impressive.

Katwijk Atlantik Wall

Dunescenery Katwijk Berkheide Katwijk Berkheide Dune Lake Dune Beach passage Katwijk Berkheide
8 March 2009, Katwijk / Wassenaar 'Struinen door Berkheide' again through the Dunes of Noord Holland (Hollands Duin)  12.3 km, Route 61 ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland.

Nice Sunday hike, between to 'low pressure areas', so incredibly bright skies.  Reasonable temperature for March but this close to the North Sea obviously windy... Great varied Dune  and Beach scenery, most sandy trail, sometimes even deep sand and quite some height differences; you'll ascent some 240 meters during this hike...   Highlights; remains of the Atlantik Wall, beautifull scenery standing on high dunes, micro 'desert' climate on some part of the trail and the remains of old agricultural fields. Less attractive; the route is close to the cities of The Hague, Leiden etc, and so the Northern and Southern parts are relatively 'crowded' on a sunny Sunday afternoon... No problem if you like dogs and their owners...

We recorded the hike on our GPS; download the data in various formats HERE    
Overview Berkheide hike in Google Earth
Bakkum Dune scenery panoramic view
Doornvlak Dunes Bakkum Beach Bakkum
Castricum Bakkum route 14 February 2009, Castrictum / Bakkum 'Thea & Rob route' through the "Noord Hollands Duinreservaat' 26.3 km 

Another winter walk on a very bright February day... Thanks to this route defined by Rob and Thea we smashed our 'Kilomers a Day' record... Very nice and varied trail; sets out from the outskirts of Castricum. The Castricum Railway station nearby might be an excellent place to start, providing frequent connections to Amsterdam and Alkmaar. The track leads you  through a varied Dune and Beach landscape, providing ample opportunities for birdwatching as well! Please note that in this 'Dune Reservation' you need to acquire an access ticket before you enter the reservation. More information on the site of the PWN. This organization is collecting drinking water from this area for the city of Amsterdam as you will notice on the way...  

Great hike, some cobble stones (cycling paths) but most of the way sandy forest or beach trails.. PWN is currently doing a lot of reshaping of the landscape so the scenery is likely to change quickly during the next few years...  Note that this area is very popular in the summer, so schedule you visit carefully according to your own preferences (crowded or lonely..).

We recorded the hike on our GPS; download it HERE

Sunset Hoefijzermeer panoramic view

January 11, 2009, Woudenberg, 'Loofbos en Landgoederen' Route 48 ANWB Wandelroutegids NL, 13,6 km (not 11 km as stated in the book)

Antoher winter walk on a bright January day... Nice track trough several estates (de Boom, Geerestein), passing part of the history military defenseline 'Grebbelinie' and following the Valleikanaal (Valley channel). We hiked on the last day of a relatively long cold (freezing) period so the track which probably can by slipper on parts because of mud now was slippery with ice... We were rewarded however with the sight of deer and - finally - a Kingfisher ('IJsvogel') hunting fish in one of the few remaining patches of open water. According to some birdwatchers we met, there's a lot more of them in the Valleikanaal area nowadays... We recorded the hike on our GPS; download it HERE.    

WeversbuurtIJsbaan_de_Kűle_Mildam BelvedéreWeversbuurtHeerenveen

StairwayBelvedéreHeerenveen TrackWeverbuurtHeerenveen

January 2, 2009, 'Weversbuurtwandeling' near Heerenveen (Fr). Route 3, 10 km

Winter walk on a bright January day... Nice track trough an estate which around 1740 was the epicenter of Dutch government. You'll encounter historical names like Oranjewoud, Tjaarda's Bos, Sint Jacobspad . Talking to a local resident we learned that this area is extremely crowded during the summer season, so you might want to avoid that...   
WeversbuurtMapDownload the GPS track HERE


December 30, 2008 Oosterbeek wandeling (route 31 ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland / Toeractief), 11 km (not 10 as mentioned in the book)

Great, varied hike with a lot of 'climbs' (for a Dutch trail). During the walk you'll ascent approx. 140 meters and you'll reach 50 meters above sea level... Which presents you with some great views from a site with an impressive WW2 history (operation Market Garden)... Hence the Airborne Museum which is your recommended start and finish.   

December 28, 2008 Bosbaanwandeling Amsterdamse bos (route 58 ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland / Toeractief), 8 km (not 7 as mentioned in the book)...

Remarkably enjoyable walk, only a very small distance from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam's busiest Business arena ("Zuidas"). Take the planes and joggers for granted and 'decent' below sea level enjoying the birds, the water, 114 small bridges and have a look a the Dachau monument...  Download 'our' GPS track if you like...HERE (right click, save as...)

December 14, 2008, Kathedralenbos, Almere,8 km, another fine download from gpstracks.nl

Hike around a piece of art: trees planted in the shape of the Reims Cathedral... Apart from that; enjoyable easy hike, reasonably varied.. Track can be very muddy, remember this part of the Netherlands was only reclaimed from the sea about 50 years ago...


September 19 2008, 'Westerbork Zwiggelte route'

route 15, 16 km (not 10 km as mentioned in the book)...

To be honest this route is a disappointment...  Although the scenery is great at times, most of the trail is through the village of Westerbork and on the road back from Zwiggelte you're basically following and repeatedly crossing the same busy road with S-shapes movements... However, looking at the scenery and our GPS system you might be able to plot you're own, much more interesting route through this nice area without too much of an effort...   


September 18 2008, 'Stad der Paleizenroute route' (near Assen)

route 11, 5 km... (6.5 km from the free parking place)

City walk through the city famous for the Dutch TT (annual motorbike GP). Surprising history and extraordinary buildings once you pay attention to it. Get a route description at the local tourist office to provide you with more insight to make this walk through this friendly town more interesting.  


September 17 2008, 'Bosberg- en Kraaiheipollenwandeling' (near Appelscha)

route 4, 10 km...

This route is not in Drenthe but in the province Friesland in the "Drents-Friese-Wold (forest). Great hike, basically consisting of two separate trails connected together. The western part of the hike takes you next of a busy road, but that's only for 2 km. Near the start of the hike the presence of restaurants is impressive; a result of the presence of various touristic sites... but no worries, the trails in the forest are not too busy...  


September 16 2008, 'Rolder Es route' (near Rolde)

route 12,  10 km

Park your car near the impressive 'gothic' church in Rolde and enjoy the 'Hunebedden', the 'esdorpen' landscape as well as some nice moors...Varied walk, worth while although relatively a lot through the villages of Rolde and Balloo... and some 'artificial deviations' to take you through some interesting scenery. Oh... and Rolde is the 'village of the famous Bartje'.... 


September 15 2008, 'Bijvoetpad' (near Borger)

route 13, 13 km...

To complete the next five hikes, we spend a week in the province of Drenthe, based on a great 'SVR' camping in Garderen; "de Sparrenhof"  Recommended...

Nice trail, starting near the 'National Hunebedden Information Centre'. From that moment on we would encounter many, well preserved 'dolmen' sites during our hikes... Interesting places.

The trail is varied, not too much asphalt but nice nature trails... You'll need to bring some supplies, only the starting point in Borger provides (many) opportunities to cater.... Mind there are numerous wide open stretches without any shelter, might be interesting if the weather turns bad... And... "Bijvoet" is a herb to prevent sore feet... so this is your chance...


September 6 2008, 'Rondje Hubertus' (near Otterloo)

route 38, 9 km (not 7 km) or 16 km...

We parked our car at the West-entrance of the 'Nature Park' 'de Hoge Veluwe', near Otterloo. Note that you'll have to pay an admittance fee to enter the park. Initially we started our hike towards the starting point but at the 'Kröller Muller' museum we decided to benefit from the 'white bike' program and cycle to the Visitors Centre. If you don't use this option and walk all the way you'll cover 16 km...

The GPS-track is available; click on this text to download in various formats. Both the long way and the 'Hubertus roundtrip' are in the file... 

Note: the mansion of 'St Hubertus' is not alway open for the public; check by phone or at the entrance of the park if you're interested.



September 7 2008, de 'Zanding' (near Otterloo)

Part of the Otterloo route (7 km), modified due to lack of time and bad weather to 5 km...

Interesting hike, GPS track available in various formats by clicking on this text.

Scenery is great, we called the sand dunes 'sand glaciers' (left picture) and the vertical profile of the hike is very 'un-Dutch'...  Sandy and muddy; so waterproof boots recommended and considering the trailmarks we found... it can be busy there...


August 31 2008, Hollandse IJssel

Vitaal.nl 7 (but actually 9)  km

Nice walk for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Following the route clockwise you'll start in Haastrecht with a lot of tarmac and cyclist but will be rewarded on the way back with an off road trail and great views over the polder...

Click on this text to download this track in various GPS formats for your personal use!

(and both maps are 'clickable' as well this time...)

Check out our earlier hike, adjacent to this route February 16, 2008, Goejanverwellesluis (Oudewater)


August 10 2008, Plagroute

GPS Tracks.nl, 6 km

Another great hike found via GPSTracks.nl, especially if you're interest in landscaping... Several meters below sealevel rich farmland full of manure is scraped away and nature is given a chance to develop on it's own in relatively 'poor soil'. The results are impressive; plants, trees and flowers develop into a divers and colourful swamp... Great to compare the (outdated) Google Earth Arial photographs with the situation today.

Worth wile, although a little bit short for our taste... However, recommended for a Sunday afternoon stroll...  The route is well marked (poles with blue tops) and you better not stray from the path too far to avoid wet feet... or worse... More info on nature development in this province Zuid Hollands Lanschap


June 29, 2008, Elsterberg/Egelmeer (nr Veenendaal)

GPS Tracks.nl, 12 km

Don't let the pictures scare you, i.e. the middle one... Again great views, a variety of scenery and best of all; almost no tarmac! Recommended! The 'moonlike' scenery in some parts is the result of extensive 'landscaping', bringing back the moor and even 'flooding' the Egelmeer which is not exactly the 'lake' you would expect... Although you'll pass a camping site and some restaurants the route is not very crowded as it does avoid the regular (long distance) paths... Recommended!


'zandgat' Kwintelooijen

April 13, 2008, Plantage WillemIII / Remmerdense heide (Elst, Rhenen),

Utrechts Landschap, 8 km

Great views this time again, and best of all; no tarmac and lots of birds singing instead of cars humming! An off road trail taking you (slightly) 'uphill' from the banks of the river 'Lek' to the 'sand excavation site: 'zandgat Kwintelooijen'. The Remmerdense heide (moor) is 'controlled' by the grazing of impressive Galloway deer and offers an easy going, yet sometimes muddy or sandy trail to the forest and the (former) excavation site which is now being turned into an impressive piece of 'nature'. Recommended!

Note; the map displays the short route only (3,5 km)      


March 8, 2008, Aetsveldroute (Weesp),

route 52, 12 km (not 10km)

Although the view along this route is often great, a really disappointing hiking route. The first part of the trail (6km) you walk on a busy road along the river 'Vecht'. Things improve somewhat after passing 'Uitermeer', but it's still tarmac (2km) and a very limited view due to the many houseboats.

Upon finally reaching the archaeological interesting 'Aetsveldscheweg' it's great again, muddy trail right through the meadows... If you like city walks things improve even more when you reach Weesp, which has an interesting history... On the upside; if your realy interested in history you'll appreciate the 'bastions', 'fortresses' ('Stelling van Amsterdam') and 'bunkers' (WW2) along the route.     

February 16, 2008, Goejanverwellesluis (Oudewater),

Wat en Hoe wandelgids route 2, 11 km

Typical Dutch scenery again, starting on the pavement of the historic centre of Oudewater, but soon becoming and remaining a great, yet muddy trail over the dikes and through the fields between Oudewater, Hekendorp and Haastricht during the first half and subsequently following the tow-path next to the Hollandsche IJssel back East again. 

Not too many people around, wear waterproof hiking boots and pick the right time of day / weather as the track takes you through open country and there's hardly any shelter available.

December 30, 2007, Anserdennenroute (National Park Dwingelerveld), Ruinen

Route 16, 7 km (not 6)

Great trail, starting at the visitors centre Dwingelerveld. Worth a visit by the way...  Hardly any tarmac, lots of sand and mud :-) and especially enjoyable due to the lack of highway or traffic noise i.e. the silence. Unfortunately very uncommon during walks in the Netherlands...

As we like to keep the best for the last moment we followed the track clockwise (opposite to the route shown on the map, but following the white markers enroute). We appreciate open scenery more than forest and the view over the moors is spectacular...  

Note: it's a popular area, pick the right time of day, day of the week and time of year to make the most of it...

December 22, 2007, De Laagt en De Hoogt, Maarn

Route 20, WatEnHoe wandelgids, 9 km

Great trail, we walked this on a 'frozen afternoon'. You'll probably have to prepare for a muddy trail if the weather is wet and on a sunny weekend it's probably very crowded in this popular area... But it's great if you pick the right time!



November 25, 2007, Landgoed Groeneveld. Baarn

Route 15, WatEnHoe Wandelgids Utrecht, 6 km

Easy, well maintained trail for a Sunday afternoon stroll...


Lost the pictures of 'Fort Daatselaar'; December 16, 2007 :-(

September 16th, 2007, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

Route 66, Hitlandroute, 10 km

Too much tarmac on the footpath and you'll have to walk a considerable distance along busy roads. 

Apart from that; real Dutch polder landscape, varied with an open park like scenery, some artificial forest and a path through reed as well as some great sights over the river 'Hollandse IJssel'. You'll pass the lowest part in the Netherlands, - 6.74 meter below sea level (Zuidplaspolder)!   

Select a day not too hot and not to cold / windy as you'll be in the open most of the time... 


September 9th, 2007, Renkum (Gld)

Not from 'the book'; the Quadenoord Route (Staatsbosbeheer) 7,.7 km

Great hike, both from a nature and historical perspective. Various types of forest, open 'moors', 'sprengen' with a WorldWar 2 history and the Quadenoord estate now offering 'African Art' from Zimbabwe...


July 20, 2007, Haarle

Route 25; Sprengenbergwandeling 6 km

Walk through recognisable remnants of the ice age...

Very easy - almost dull - trail which might become more interesting if you take the (much) longer route crossing the moors (picture 2). 

The 'Palthe tower', a remarkable villa on a hill provides a welcome diversion. Unfortunately it's private property... 


July 18 2007, Kloosterhaaar

Route 21; Engbertsdijksvenen Heidepad 5 km

Area in (nature) development, kind of 'back to the future' situation. Interesting trail, and you can easily extend your hike to more than 20 km!

The scenery provides a remarkable clear horizon, at least from a Dutch perspective.. for miles around no manmade structures on the horizon. Interesting also from a historical perspective; it provides an excellent inside in how peat was acquired in the old days an put to good use... 

Trail can be very muddy and wet and the visitor centre at the entrance seems to be closed for some time already...? 


July 14, 2007, Regge en Dinkel

Route 22; Bornsebeekwandeling 6 km

Friendly trail with extensive explanations on history, with partially reconstructed remnants of a castle (Havezate Weleveld), as well as reconstructions in progress to further improve the quality of the water as well as enabling the water- authorities to deal with the increasing quantities. 

Generally an easy trail, which can be very wet (high grass). Unfortunately part of the hike follows a rather dull, paved road so you might want to wait until dinnertime (less traffic). 




July 12, 2007, Haaksbergen

Route 23; Haaksbergerveenroute 8 km

Nice trail, impressive nature... can be extremely wet and muddy. That's what you get hiking through ancient moor country where you can literally smell the peat. The route takes you partially along the German border and the wildlife is abundant... 

There are a lot of opportunities to extend your route, even into the German 'Naturschutzgebiet' adjacent to this area. 


July 7 2007, Nijverdal

Route 24; Twilhaarwandeling, 7 km

After parking near the hotel/restaurant and 'visitor's centre' (Sallandse Heuvelrug) and peeking inside this impressive centre you've got the message; this can be a very busy and crowded place... Luckily were there around dinnertime in marginal weather so we had a quit walk trough impressive terrain. Even spotted some deer! 

Easy trail, slight slopes, most sandy and not crossing any tarmac!  



May 6, 2007, Heerde (south of Zwolle)

Route 31; Tonnenberg- en Rekenkamer 12 km

In the northern part of the 'Veluwe', the largest 'nature park' in the Netherlands you'll find the freely accessible 'Zwolse Bos'. The varied walk (lot's of sandy or muddy trail) takes you past geo-landmarks like 200.000 years old ice-age remnants (ground pushed forward by glaciers...) some wildlife and lots of moor land.

 Although some mountain bike trails cross your path it's a relatively quiet area and enjoyable hike..


April 9, 2007, IJsselstein (UT)

Kromme IJsselroute, 10 km

Hidden in the 'green heart' of the Netherlands, adjacent to the busiest highway in the Netherlands; a remarkable hike in extremely varied and sometimes surprising scenery. Meet the river Lek, the Kromme IJssel and the Hollandse IJssel!

The hike takes you from new suburbs of IJsselstein (Zenderpark) to the  13th century IJsseldam, surprising (and sometimes very wet and muddy) IJsselbos (forest). A visit to the old city of IJsselstein is recommended!


March 11, 2007

Route 43, Grechtroute, 12 km

This hike takes you through the 'green heart' in the busiest area of the Netherlands; the 'Randstad'. A varied walk through a 'flat' countryside, well below sealevel... Although some of the paths are paved, the route takes you through potentially very muddy and wet fields too, so waterproof hiking boots are recommended...  


February 4, 2007

Route 51, Bommelsteinroute, 10km 

Just south of Amsterdam, near the Ankeveense plassen, Nederhorst den Berg and Nigtevecht. Easy trail, might be muddy were the route crosses open fields, but most of it so paved. Not our #1 choice as a lot of the trail is on paved and city roads. However, if you're interested in history you'll defenitely be interested in how and when these large lakes were created. The route is named after the residence of a famous Dutch comic figure; 'Heer Bommel' as a beatiful castle is very close... Too bad it's not part of the route...   


October 2, 2006

Route 76, Cadesand wandelpad en Wallenroute (Cadzand-Bad), 17 km

Now here's a challenge... No, not the walk, but the journey to get there... Best reached via Belgium, but on the other hand it's a great excuse to go through the 6600 meters long 'Westerschelde tunnel'. Most of the walk is easy; stones, shells, feeding grounds....The Wallenroute is interesting from a historical perspective, the rest of the trail is aiming at impressing you with great scenery, both land and sea... as well as 'Het Zwin' in between. To be honest, we didn't complete the entire walk due to severe thunderstorms underway... 


October 1, 2006

Route 73, Patriciers- en Piratenroute (Zierikzee), 5 km

Easy city-culture-historic walk, offering great views, especially when you take the opportunity to climb the ?St. Lievensmonstertoren? which obviously requires climbing some stairs? Apart from that there is the maritime museum, the mustard factory, the city gates and the ?old harbour? - in which some excellently maintained ?old vessels? reside ? to keep you occupied along the way? Note the photo of the Zeelandbrug was also taken from the Lievensmonstertoren!   


October 1, 2006

Route 72, Ringroute (Dreischor), 3 km

Short village trail, taking you through the village Dreischor, which is a very well conserved village, build in a perfect circle around the village church. Note the Adriaanskerk (church), the restored mill (Aelolus), the barns with black tar and do visit the local museum ?Goemanszorg? which provides excellent insight in life in Zeeland in the ?old days??.     


September 30, 2006

Route 74, Schuilhuttocht  11 km

This is probably a candidate for our personal top 3! Strongly recommended?  Great ?Staatsbosbeheer? walk, extremely varied landscape, intelligently planned hiking trails, well marked and relatively quit. Physically fun but challenging (sometime deep sand, and going up and down?. ) and always the sound of the rushing waves in the distance...


September 29, 2006

Route 75, Mondriaanroute, 5 km

Easy city-culture-historic walk, the story somewhat ?artificial?, but offering great views which obviously require climbing some stairs? Fact is that the province of Zeeland is renowned for its light and skies, inspiring painters like Jan Toorop, Piet Mondriaan, Lodewijk Schelfhout, Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig, Jacoba van Heemkerck, Mies Elout Drabbe and many others, including poets and writers?


August 17, 2006

Route 61, Natuurpad Piet Floris en Kachelduinwandeling, 8 km

Easy walk with some short climbs and descents as you?re walking from the forest through the dunes to the sea. Sandy trail, well marked and popular, especially popular with dog-owners which make it a less pleasant walk on a busy Sunday afternoon. Also too many trails for our liking (horse trails, (mountain)bike trails and numerous foot paths. However, still an attractive walk, if you combine it with a visit to the beach... Not that it's basically 2 routes of 4 kilometres, passing the parking halfway. If we had to choose, take the most Southerly one... it's somewhat quieter and there's a great view from a high dune..


August 13, 2006

Route 39, Planken Wambuis route, 8 km

Easy walk through a varying landscape of open forest, forest with a lot of undergrowth (under development, to provide shelter for approximately 150 deer) and nice moor. Close to Ede (close to the exit Oosterbeek on the A12). Sandy trail, well marked (just follow the yellow dots) and although it's a very touristic area, once you're away from the parking there's not to many people around, only 'wild' horses who do much of the maintenance.


July 18, 2006

Route 46,Stulp- en Kasteeltuinwandeling, 5 km

Easy walk through a varied landscape near Lage Vuursche. It gets you very close to a castle of the Dutch Royal Family 'Drakesteyn'. Forest, moore, sanddunes and small pools. We actually saw a snake hunting in there! We hiked this train on a very hot 'working' day (34 C), not too many people around. During the weekends this area is very touristic and crowded.   


June 24, 2006

Route 41, Nederhemert-Zuid Router, 4km

Short and very easy walk in a historical setting and a very varied landscape. Mind you, when the weather is bad, do wear waterproof boots, trail can be muddy then.. Interesting historical background information available, not very widely known, even in the Netherlands... If you like you can combine this hike with some canoe work...  


January 15th, 2006

Route 27, Schoklandroute, 10 km

Relatively easy walk in a historical relevant around Schokland, which until early in the 20th century was an island in the 'Zuiderzee'. It can still be recognized as such, although it is now surrounded by 'the new land' of the Noordoostpolder. Rightfully an area of importance recognized by Unesco. We used a small plane to have an initial look from above, followed by the actual walk...

An easy trail, but due to the many interesting and significant landmarks it will most likely take you more than the regular 2 hours for an 10 km trail...


December  4th, 2005

Route 49, Dudokroute, 9 km

City walk through the town of Hilversum, especially for those interested in architecture. The city of Hilversum is renowned for the many districts and building designed by the famous architect and city planner Dudok. A good place to start on Sunday is the town hall (free parking in the park on Sunday) and you might consider the guided tour 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the 'Dudok Centrum'. On weekdays the parking opposite the railway station is a good option.

Obviously an easy trail, well marked... Remember, if you pick up the leaflet describing the Dudokroute in the 'Dudok Centrum'... this does NOT show the same route as described in the ANWB-book... 


November 20th, 2005

Route 93, Rietbeek- en Houtsbergroute, 14 km

Great combination of 2 routes, very varied, open and sometimes forest again. Even passing a day recreation area, several fens, wild horses, rare birds and very rare plants. Great hike! The route starts and ends at the Limburgs Openluchtmuseum Eynderhout which was unfortunately closed (off season) when we walked this hike.

Easy trail, very well marked, no significant climbs... As you pass several trails frequently used by farm traffic, waterproof boots are recommended. There's an excellent birdwatchers cabin next to the lake 'De Banen' which is worth a stopover, even if your not into bird watching yourself.


November 19th, 2005

Route 96, Mariapeelroute, 9 km

To be honest, as you can find out when studying the photo's,  we didn't see a lot during our walk. It was a cold (2? C), misty day. However, the scenes we saw were worth while anyway, especially if you've just read a book about swamp ghosts and... get lost so you walk 12 km i.s.o. 9... The scenery is basically the result of the activities of farmers who did a lot of peat - digging to survive in the old days...

Easy trail, some parts obviously wet. Following the trail marks proved to be a challenge, the route is a combination of several other routes and crossed by long distance trails as well.. Anyway, worthwhile; very varied, some parts open, some parts forest.... 


October 30th, 2005

Route 53, Muiderbergroute, 10 km

Circumnavigating the Noordpolder and Beoosten Muiden, East of Amsterdam. Reclaimed land, until some 50 years ago directly behind the dikes protecting it from the sea (Zuiderzee). Now the IJsselmeer provided recreation and a great scenery including the historic 'Muiderslot' (castle).

A hike over unpaved roads, sometimes wet and slippery, great scenery. Look for a nice day, it's very open terrain all the way, without a lot of shelter. Take your binoculars and waterproof hiking boots... The 'Graaf Floris V' Inn in Muiden provides you with a great atmosphere and beverages. This hike is highly recommended!



October 16th, 2005

Route 28, Lange Zeewolderroute, 8 km

In the reclaimed land, where once was the 'IJsselmeer' now is the Hosterwold, a forest just 30 years old... To be honest, pretty much the same scenery all the way, 'artificial woods'. However, plenty of picnic opportunities, no busy roads and a great look at the Wolderwijd and the 'dyke' protecting the land, with a nice and quit beach.

Free parking and in spite of the great weather and a number of camping and recreational sites nearby, not too crowded...  Just make sure you have waterproof shoes or boots, the whole route takes you on unpaved roads and trails which must be quite muddy when wet.    



September 4th, 2005

Route 48, Westbroekroute, 12 km

Great route just north of Utrecht. You will pass a unique swamp forest, open water, experience 'trilveen' (a mattress of plants; land nor water) and a canal.  Ideal route for plant lovers and bird watchers. Easy, extremely flat terrain, parts are probably muddy when wet, so wear proper shoes...

Scenery varied and spectacular. Free parking. Although most of the route is 'hiking only' during weekends parts of the route (Tienhovens canal) are crowded with cyclists. Passing the villages of Tienhoven, Oud-Maarsseveen and Westbroek offers opportunities for food and shelter, but can be crowded as well.    



May 16th, 2005

Route 44, Kaapse Bossen, 11 km

Easy, but hilly trail near Doorn in the National Park 'Utrechtse Heuvelrug'. A little bit too much tracks and trails for our liking. Can therefore be relatively crowded (day recreation area). Advise; walk in the early morning, weekdays or somewhat 'rainy' days...  

Scenery nice, but not spectacular. Parking is free and even on busy days there is enough parking space available.

Trail might be muddy when wet...   Note: end 2005 all routes in this area are scheduled to be changed...



January 9th, 2005

Route 37, Kammenroute, 5 km

Short route, easy but hilly trail in the 'Dutch mountains' near Rheden in the 'Veluwezoom'. Well equipped visitors centre and numerous opportunities for a meal, drink or snack along the way...

Great scenery, beautiful moors but avoid the weekend and holidays as it might be crowded on parking places and trails.   

Trail might be muddy and slippery when wet...  




December 26th, 2004

Route 50, Boekesteynroute, 6 km

Easy trail, sometimes muddy and slippery if wet, trough three historical country estates i.e. Schaep and Burgh, Bantam and Boekesteyn. The parks were founded around the year 1600 and represent an interesting piece of 'Amsterdam's' history, including an old ice-cellar.  

Some parts are (deliberately) left to nature, some are being well maintained and cultivated which is the basis for an easy but interesting walk through a varied landscape... 


November 7th, 2004

Route 45, Leersumse Plassen-route, 7 km

Utrecht, near Leersum

Easy trail, well maintained. Forest, small lakes, ecological acres... Please note: when we walked this trail, the green trail markers had been replaced by yellow ones...  Take the time to side-step from the main trail occasionally, it's worth your while..  



 October 13th, 2004

Route 100, 'Gulpdalroute', 6 km

Limburg, near Beutenaken, Heijenrath and Slenaken

Beautiful, very divers landscape, 3 steep climbs and descends which can be slippery...



 October 12th, 2004

Route 98, 'Rond de Riesenberg', 9km

Limburg, near Cadier en Keer and Gronsveld

Historic trail, can be slippery when rainy... great views of Maastricht and an encounter with man-made caves... 


 October 11th, 2004

Route 99, 'Gerendalroute' 6 km

Limburg, near Schin op Geul, and Oud-Valkenburg

Great scenery, unique in the Netherlands... bear in mind that harvesting produces quite some farming traffic and noise in the autumn...



 September 26th, 2004

Route 42, 'Bloklandroute', 8 km

Utrecht, near Blokland, Heeswijk and Montfoort.

First part (starting from the Tiendweg in Montfoort to the east) is great, final part is rather busy with traffic...


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