Impression of a 5-day/1,815km motorbike trip in the South of England 2010
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15 May 2010

(and 16 May 2010 as well)

Moving West again... 375 km (the yellow track on the map), leaving Aprils Cottage with some reluctance. Nice place to stay... should be at 1,400 a week during the season... and last but not least... there was a great motorbike old timer event on Saturday in Weymouth as well). But basically, we had to get back east to catch the ferry to the mainland again tomorrow morning... Still avoiding the highways.. enjoying the scenery (rapeseed fields in particular), studying the craftsmanship of a nice homebuilt bike at a parking and interrupted by a coffee break off course we ended up in the B&B Kent House in Leeds. An attempt to visit Leads Castle failed... too late at the entrance... but we enjoyed a great meal and a Saturday night event with live music in the pub next to the B&B.

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Route 15 May 2010


AprilsCottageNottingtonWeymouth Leaving Aprils Cottage after an excellent breakfast, accompanied by an interesting conversation with some travelers from Canada...

Rapeseed . Rapeseed Coffeebreak
We had passed many rapeseed fields on our tour... so we had to stop and provide you with an impression as well...
Coffee break around 11:00 o'clock, weather not bad.. dry with an occasional break in the overcast...
HomeBuild Homebuild

Pictures above: impressive homebuilt trike...
Watch the interesting details on the pictures...
On the right: our last B&B; Kent House in Leeds...
owned by a enthusiastic former motor crosser who was now preparing and tuning the cross motor for his son...

By the way... to make Marcel feel at home... Kent House was a former local Police Station... 


16 May 2010

Approximately 390 km, liaison again... (Yellow track apart from the liaison Leeds - Dover via the M20) Motorway Leeds  to Dover, Ferry (Seafrance Rodin) Dover to Calais (F) and approximately 330km following the E40 to Dunkerque, Brugge, Gent, Brugge, Antwerpen to the A27 in the Netherlands via Breda and Gorinchem. Despite the heavy Sunday afternoon traffic (returning from a beautiful day at the beaches in Belgium) this stretch took us less than 3.5 hours...The generous 130km/h speed limit combined with the excellent tarmac in the north of France definitely contributes to this result... Britisch Flag

Doverport Lane153
Dover Calais Seafrance Rodin Dover Calais Seafrance Rodin

Dover Calais Seafrance Rodin Dover Calais Seafrance Rodin Calais arrival dock GPS track

Pictures above: we were there early.... reading, shopping and exchanging information with other travelers...  Relaxing 90 minutes on board of the Seafrance Rodin taking us to Calais where Marcel supervised the docking procedure...

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