Norway Vesteralen Spring 2006 

Day 4, driving the (Vesteralen) map... 2-day trip... following the E10 back to Vesteralen...

As the Lofoten are quite famous among tourists, you'll fins excellent information and beautiful pictures and even films on 


Waking up, next to a waterfall, looking out of the window to the sea just north of Moskenes

Leaving the Selfjorden...

Impressive bridges still everywhere... near Finnbyen and its 'dry fish industry'  

The dark clouds emphasize the colors of the white beach of Ramberg 

The bridge over the Gimseøystraumen

The port of Svolvaer



Landing between the high mountains at the airport of Svolvaer near the Austnesfjorden.

Waiting for the ferry in Fiskebøl

Leaving the port view at the mainland (east) Looking back at Strøna (906 meters)

Approaching port Melbu

The last bridge for today; Langøysundet

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