Norway Vesteralen Spring 2006 

Day 6

'shopping' in Sortland, driving north following the 82 in the direction of Andenes, heading west for the coast and enjoying Andøya...

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Tip: Always stick by the traffic rules, especially speed limits; the fines are draconeous...  

The bridge at Sortland...

Saturday morning shopping in Sortland...

Just north of Strand, facing NW to Gåsbol, the cruise ships of the Hurtigruta pass through the fjord of Gåsbol dayley, on their 11 days/34 stops voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes.

Following the 82 to the north, passing the Fortfjorden

Some of the bridges look like ski jumps, like this one near Risøyham, crossing the Risøysundet to Andøya

Leaving the 82, moving west and passing lakes near Nordmela, along the North Sea coast

Following the north sea coast to the south, watch the assemblee of mptor home and caravans in the picture on the right. Many Norwegians own a motor home or caravan and get together in weekends to meet friends and family 'halfway'. 

Joining the 82 to the south again, following the Risøysundet and passing Dragnes, Meby and Reinsnes with numerous lakes on the eastside

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