United Kingdom 2005

(Cambridgeshire, Wales, the Midlands, Cambridgeshire)   

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After spending the first night again on a field behind the Strangers Home Inn in Bradfield, Manningtree, very near Harwich we drove to -> 

Cambridgeshire, (camping in Comberton; Highfield Farm) revisited as in 1997 and 1998 and 2003.  

We revisited the Imperial War Museum in Duxford and Paul spend a great aviation day looking at the 'Old Warden' Shuttleworth collection in Bedfordshire.

Enjoying this beautiful campsite and the Cambridgeshire surroundings!    

After a few days, on to another favourite site; Fforest Fields in Wales near Builth Wells

Great hiking opportunities in the hills of Wales near Builth Wells as shown by the pictures above and below...

A day trip to the city of books, Hay-on-Wye (Y Gelli) 

Nice visit to Gigrin Farm, to meet the growing population of Red Kites (birds of prey).

We visited the beautiful and interesting site of Caerphilly Castle in South Wales

Find out about the story behind it on architecture and the strategic elements in the surroundings...   

Visit to the city of Cardiff, the capital of Wales...  Fascinating very lively, modern and 'hip'... Would you believe that the building on the left is the huge Parking Garage we parked our car in during the visit...?  

Above and the row below... impressions of the Welsh countryside, the impressive 'Black Mountains' included...



   Moving on to Oxfordshire, camping at Barnstones Caravan & Camping Site, Great Bourton in Banbury. From a logistical point ideally situated, but very noisy due to a busy road next to the camping. However, we enjoyed the hospitality for a few days, because all sites in the area (including Barstones) were booked full for the weekend... Yet at Barnstones they kindly managed to 'squeeze us in'!

(All 6)  Two rows above; impression of our visit to Warwick castle. Impressive and interesting for both its medieval as more recent (early 1900) history. We were particularly impressed by the demonstration of a working replica of a Trebuchet (22 tons, 18 meters tall) and - as always - the birds of prey... But. don't miss the 'powerhouse' and the interior as well !

Hatton Locks, Warwick & Birmingham Canal

   The Warwick and Birmingham canal was started in 1793 and amalgamated with other canal companies in 1929 to form what we know as today as the Grand Union Canal. The canal finally opened in 1800 and was 22 miles in length with 21 locks here at Hatton with 6 at Knowle and 6 at Camp Hill in Birmingham. Very impressive and fun to watch, especially since passing the locks means a lot of manual operations and > 4hours for the average crew.

(All 6)  Two rows above; impression of our visit to the Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road in Gaydon (Warwickshire) The Heritage Motor Centre is home to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, which maintains the largest collection in the world of classic, vintage and veteran British cars. With 300 historic British cars in the collection, the museum, charts the history of the British car industry from the turn of the century to the present day. And on top of that; they have race, rally and serious off-road tracks!  
Ely Cathedral in Ely. Cambridgeshire again. All pictures above:
After moving on to Cambridge, (camping in Comberton; Highfield Farm) revisited as in 1997, 1998 and 2003  a daytrip to Cambridge.

As you must have realised by now we have become very interested in raptors over the years. Hence a visit to the new raptor / birds of prey sanctuary in Cambrigdeshire!

The Raptor Foundation





Last night in the UK, camping on a field behind the Strangers Home Inn in Bradfield, Manningtree again. A you know by now: very near Harwich (10 km)

In the meantime, Shelley had taken excellent care of our house, the cats and dogs in 'de Rijpickerwaard', the customers of  'Promiss', Jelle and Freek...

Again, trucks and caravans only... this time with the Stena Brittanica: Harwich -> Hoek van Holland. An great journey back by ferry!

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