Denmark and Sweden 2000   

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Summer 2000 we traveled via Denmark to the Southern part of Sweden. Our route took us from the center of the Netherlands, via the E45 through Northern Germany to Røjle Klint Camping (1). Here we spend 4 nights on the isle of Fyn (Funen) opposite the harbor of Fredericia. Via Odense, we drove over the impressive bridge over the Great Belt, through the isle Sjæland (Seeland), passing Copenhagen and crossing the brand-new and already famous tunnel / bridge over the Sont(2) to Malmø in the South of Sweden. We followed the E4 to the north and made camp in Sjön Bolmen (3), situated on Lake Bolmen (4). It proved to be an excellent camping site, well equipped and ideally situated for many outings on foot, canoe, bicycle or by car. After ten, well spend days (5 - 13), we backtracked the E4, to a few kilometers south of Copenhagen and made camp in the Tanglopen in the Isjøh area (14). This proved to be a good choice, the camping is well organized, clean and well equipped. And most important of all: it is very well situated to visit Copenhagen with Public Transport (15" by train) or by car. The evening is well spend on Isjøh beach, close to the camping site. In Copenhagen you must, of course, have a look at 'the Little Mermaid', which is very little indeed, as well as Copenhagen's famous Tivoli (15 - 19). After two nights we went back to Røjle Klint (Camping) on the isle of Fyn and visited Odense, the birthplace of the famous writer Hans Christiaan Andersen (20). After a monotonous, but fast, drive through the Southern part of Denmark, the Northern part of Germany and the eastern part of Holland we returned home again three weeks later. 
A good start for virtual visits to Denmark and (South) Sweden via the Internet is provided via:  
Swedish Travel Bureau
Ljunby County Information

The addresses of the camping sites we used on this trip, and recommend:

Fyn (Funen), Denmark
Smæland, Sweden
Isjøh, Denmark
Røjle-Klint Camping ***
v/ Poul Kjærgaard Jensen
Røjle-Klintvej 29
DK-5500 Middelfart
Tlf. +45 6440 1381
Sjön Bolmen ***
Mjälen, Bolmstad
S-341 95 Ljungby
+46 372 920 51
Tel. winter:
+46 372 720 50
+46 372 828 39
Camping Tangloppen
Skovvej, Isjøh
+45 4354 0767

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