Four years in a row, we have spend our summer holiday in Switzerland. For the first time however we camped in 'Wallis', in the southern part of this beautiful country, near the border of Italy. Previous years were spend in 'Unter Engadin' in the south-east corner, near the borders of Italy and Austria. For those we know and don't know, everybody interested in Switzerland or in us, here follows a summary of our 1996 holiday-photographs.


Rhone valley, near Reckingen

Rhone valley, near Reckingen

We camped in Reckingen (1320 meters), in the Rhone-valley, about 20 kilometers west from the origin of the Rhone-river.
The green valley runs from east-north-east to west-south-west. Ideal for long sunny day, not available everywhere in the Alps.
This part of the valley is very green. However, 20 to 40 km more to the south-west the landscape becomes more Italian, less vegetation, more industrial.


Azimuth Carina and Freetime Trophy

Pyramide tent

'De Wit' pyramid tent

Traveling (wandering) through Europe we use two small tents. On the left you see the Azimut Carina, a middle class light-weight (3900 grams).
On the right, in the same picture, the heavier but more comfortable Freetime Trophy. Camp is made within 15 minutes!
The right picture shows the 'de Wit pyramide tent'. Pyramids are very popular with Dutch campers. They take about 45 minutes to set up properly. But a lot of space and comfort is available then, and they can handle extreme weather-conditions.
Used by us when we're sure to stay somewhere for a few days!





It's a few kilometers by car from Reckingen to the Binntall.
An adventurous (narrow and steep) road takes you up to a height of 1400 meters. From there on you can walk to the 'Maessersee' (2100 meters).
A steep climb, but if you have energy left you can go on to the Geisspfadsee (2500 meters) and step over the Italian border before returning.....
Round trips (two or more days) are also possible.

Photo glacier-entrance

Glacier entrance

Picture of author in the rain

Author in clouds and rain

The Rhone originates from the Rhone-glacier, near 'hotel Belvedere' at the Furka-pass you can enter this glacier for a about 100 meter.

You can cross the Rhone-glacier (2450 meters), preferably with a guide! Beautiful and one of the pictures taken at the glacier you can see as background on this page (if your browser permits you to.....).
But it's not always sunshine in the Swiss mountains. Warm and dry clothes are mandatory at trips like those...

The passes Furka, Grimsel and Nufenen are situated very close to each other near this location. But they are totally different!
We can recommend a passage over each one of them. As a biker I can say: a lot of motorbikes went ahead of you!

Aletch glacier


View from Nufenen

View from Nufenen (2300 m)



Everybody has been at mount Eggishorn and made this picture! Still, it's a sight to see, the Aletchglacier! It's one of the locations from which this largest glacier of Europe can be seen. The picture in the middle is a beautiful sight to the north from the Nufenen-pass (2300 meters), on a remarkable clear day!
From the Nufenen-pass it's only an hour and a half hike to get above the Griessee (2380 meters).
This location offers you some spectacular sights over some more glaciers and the inevitable mountain-lakes!

Barrage Griessee

Griessee barrage

View from Griessee

Val Corno near Nufenen

Even the lakes are put to good use by means of a barrage. Clean and cheap electricity is generated.
But viewing the decay of the glaciers, I wonder how long this source of energy will last....
On the right a last picture from this neighborhood.
We walked with the children via Val Corno (2330 meters) on the edge of the Italian border in a wide circle back to the car at the Nufenen-pass.
And caught some more spectacular views.....

Thats it for now. It was a good holiday in a beautiful country. Most of the time nice weather.
For those not interested in hiking in the mountains, I'll mention the obvious other activities for this area: going down the river Rhone large rafts, hang-gliding, flying gliders etc.
Anything negative...?
Yes, even when you're used and think you're ready for the high costs of living in Switzerland you will be shaken. Everyday groceries and supplies, but especially drinks have become very, very expensive indeed.
So we had to shorten our holiday for a few days, which was a shame.....

Thanks for your interest in this page.

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This page was updated February 10 2001