Welsh dragon For the first time, we have spend our summer holiday in Wales, Great Britain. Situated in the western part of this beautiful country, near the Irish sea. Previous years were spend in Switzerland, but this year we didn't want to drive >1000 kilometres to reach a holiday destination. However, we insisted on beautiful countryside, rough nature quiet locations and hiking potential. We've found it all in Cymru (Wales) and felt really croeso (welcome). For those we know and don't know, everybody interested in Wales or in us, here follows an impression of our 1997 holiday-photographs. Note: It's a country with a tremendous history, but anything but backward. You'll find an enormous amount of Internet-links using the right search engine. A good start are the Wales related links at the bottom of this page.

WALES 1997



One of many beatifull lakes


Camping lake Bala

Camping at lake Bala

Camping Cambridge

Camping near Cambridge

 Good campingsites are essential, even when the weather is fine (yes, we were very fortunate). The camp sites are usually well kept, quiet and situated in fine locations. One tip: if you're moving from one site to another, don't do so during the weekend. Everybody in Great Britain is going outdoors in the weekend, so it seems. So, make sure you have a comfortable spot Friday morning and don't move your tent before Monday! By the way, nobody's in the way or a nuisance. Especially when you're from the continent, your British fellow campers try to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Camping sites we especially enjoyed were Glanllyn Caravan Park at lake Bala (north-Wales) and Highfield Farm in Cambridge. The second was used for a few days visiting the Cambridge area. The overall winner was Caravan & Camping Park FForest Fields: "a gem of a site in the heart of Wales". Like it's owner says: " a sheltered and secluded touring site in a hidden valley with stunning views and abundant wildlife". Believe me, he's telling the truth!


FForest Fields in valley

FForest fields located in valley

FForest Fields

FForest fields, park-like!

 More information on these camp sites: just drop us a mail, we've some stunning pictures to stimulate your enthusiasm even more, if necessary with the aid of a route-description!

Catch the atmosphere of Wales with these pictures!

Marion & Caernarfon Inside Caernafon Harlech castle 
Lakeview The sea from Mt. Snowdon  East from Mt. Snowdon 
Generatorroom Maentwrog Maquette Llyn Trawsfynydd Uranium fuel rod 
Elan valley Elan valley Elan valley

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