Welsh dragon

Due to personal reasons we've made a journey more or less similar to last year's trip. We started again in Wales and travelled back via England. Still insisting on beautiful countryside, rough nature, quiet locations and hiking. We've found it all again in Cymru (Wales), followed by an indepth visit to the Cottswolds and this time a more thorough visit to London.

For those we know and don't know, everybody interested in Wales or in us, here follows an impression of our 1999 holiday-photographs. A picture tells a thousands words... Note: It's a country with a tremendous history, but anything but backward. You'll find an enormous amount of Internet-links using the right search engine. A good start are the Wales related links at the bottom of this page. Additional sites about our holiday theme: the Red Kite are provided for as well.

If you're interested in more information, or higher quality photographs, don't hesitate to contact us via the E mail adress mentioned below!

By the way: double-clicking on the photographs will give you a larger presentation of the picture.

WALES and England 1999


Do have a look at sites related to birds of prey, especially the Red Kites (Rode Wouw)!

Gigrin Farm, Red Kite feeding station

If you want to fly like a bird in Wales: check out Paramania!

A good start for virtual visits to Wales via Internet is provided via:  

Castles in Wales
Wales/Cymru - Land of Inspiration

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