Norway, Spring 2006  (Vesteralen, Lofoten)

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We revisited this area in 2007: check THIS link!





Spring 2006, we visited Marten Bril and his family in Gasbol, Sortland in Vesteralen, many miles north of the polar circle in Norway. 

After leaving the Netherlands in June 2005, they've started a new life in Norway. Part of this life is based on renting a guest house and motor home(s) to visitors.

We had the honour of being their first 'commercial' guests and were impressed. Impressed by their enthusiasm, hospitality and the quality of the lodgings.

But most of all by beautiful sceneries... So much, that it took us weeks to decide what pictures and impressions to put on this website. 

Whatever we decided, it would not do justice to the beauty, the silence, the smells and the sheer amazement we went through during our weeks' stay... In the end, we decided to present a concise chronological impression of our trip, just to tease you to come to Vesteralen...

Marion van den Boogaard and Paul W.M. Oor Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, July, 2006


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to Sortland

Tip: when you book you flight align it with the schedule of the Flybussen (Evenes Airport to Sortland and back)

Tip: Make sure you have Norwegian Krones to pay for the busfare and ask for a returnticket (Turretur NK 330  in 2006)

Marten will be more than happy to provide you with information: Marten Bril, Gasbol, 8400 Sortland, Norge +47 76125511 / +47 48293835 (mobil) or



Day 1 (May 1)

The house, the motor home, the surroundings, the mountain, the snow, the roads...





Day 2 (May 2)

Visiting St?, hiking along the 'Dronningruta'






Day 3 (May 3)

Driving south...
of the (Vesteralen) map...
2-day trip... taking the ferry to the Lofoten...



Day 4 (May 4)

Driving the (Vesteralen) map... 2-day trip... following the E10 back to Vesteralen...


Day 5 (May 5)

Fishing, driving, hiking, eating, hiking again...

Tip: Although we were prepared for the 'worst' we had excellent weather during our stay in May, with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius! However, just before we arrived it snowed, as it did after we left... so be prepared... An great site to look at the weather history and forecast is Just enter 'Gasbol, Norway' in the 'city, country' field after selecting 'world'

Tip: Norway is NOT a member of the EU, therefore presenting your boarding card at Schiphol really saves you a lot of money. Remember; liquor is very expensive in Norway and provides an excellent gift for your Norwegian hosts.

Day 6 (May 6)

'Shopping' in Sortland, driving north following the 82 in the direction of Andenes, heading west for the coast and enjoying And?ya...


To the north





To the south





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